Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ken Brown, founder of LiberTEA Racine, addressed the Racine Taxpayers Association at their regular member meeting May 12, 2009.

LiberTEA Racine will be addressing issues local in nature to the City and surrounding communities. From time to time LR may address state and federal issues, but their primary focus will be on local issues. Ken also addressed methods of communicating to the public which will primarily be through the Internet and using Internet communication tools. The RTA and LR may often find themselves both working on the same issues as they are both locally oriented organizations and have complimentary goals.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Racine Taxpayers Association plans to bypass conventional media

George Meyers, Programs Chairman for the Racine Taxpayers Association introduces a plan to bypass the media.

Radio Station WRJN and the Racine Journal Times gave short shrift to the truth about KRM Commuter Rail while broadcasting the lies of commuter rail promoters. The result, Meyers said, is that members of the government as well as the taxpayers in the area believe those lies and are making decisions based on those lies.
"We must bypass the media and go directly to the public," Meyers said. "And our tools lie in the Internet."